Mt. Tabor Off-Leash Dog Park

Portland, Oregon

by Anne-Marie Smith
Mt Tabor off-leash dog park

Mt. Tabor Off-Leash dog park in Portland, Oregon is a must-visit if you live in the area and have a dog. The park provides great views over the surrounding neighborhoods. It offers a great off-leash area that is like a nice walk through the woods. The terrain can be a bit challenging in some parts but with that being noted the trails are well maintained.

East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park

Mt. Tabor Dog Park Amenities

Old-growth forest makes up the majority of the Mt. Tabor Off-Leash Dog Park. . Only three sides of the off-leash area are fenced in. There is a steep, nearly vertical drop-off covered in ivy on the side that isn’t fenced in. Most dogs will stay clear of this area but if your dog is adventurous they may tempt to go explore this area so keep a close eye on your dog. There are plenty of pick-up bags but bring your own just in case they run out. There is water so remember to bring your own bowl. There also are benches, picnic facilities, and shelter for your convenience.

Mt. Tabor off-leash dog park 1

Attractions in the area

  • Rain or Shine Coffee House
  • Pizzicato Pizza
  • Sunny’s Mini Mart
  • Astro Gas Station

Park Features

  • Accessible Picnic Area
  • Accessible Play Area
  • Accessible Restroom
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Picnic Table
  • Playground
  • Paths (Paved)
  • Paths (Unpaved)
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court (Lighted)
  • Volleyball Court

Location and Hours

Mt. Tabor Dog Park Rules

  • ¬†Dogs must demonstrate appropriate social interaction.
  • Dogs displaying aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs must be leashed
    and removed from the OLA immediately.
  • Owners and handlers must accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused
    by their dog.
  • Dogs must display tags showing proof of current license and rabies vaccination.
  • Bring no more than three dogs to the OLA at any time.
  • Owners and handlers must remain in the OLA to supervise pets, and keep them within view and under verbal control at all times.
  • To prevent injury, remove pinch or choke collars when playing off-leash.
  • For health and safety reasons, do not bring a dog in heat to a Portland park.
  • For health and safety reasons, do not bring a puppy without a complete cycle of vaccinations to a Portland park.
  • Children must be closely supervised.
  • Be considerate of park neighbors by playing quietly with dogs in the early morning and evening hours.
  • Comply with all other park rules.

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