East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park

Portland, Oregon

by Anne-Marie Smith
east holladay off-leash dog park

East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park in Portland, Oregon has introduced a new design for off-leash dog parks. It features a split rail fence with welded wire mesh to help contain the dogs. This 5.5-acre park is ideal for fetching a ball and playing Frisbee with your canine partner. Additionally, they will have plenty of space to play with their newly acquired friends.

Irving Park Dog Off-Leash Area

East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park Amenities

East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park features 5.5 acres of level land for your overzealous pup to romp around on. There are walking paths accessible, but keep in mind that your pet must remain on a leash when on the paths; they are only permitted to be off-leash in the designated off-leash area. There is a small parking lot at this park, so keep that in mind if you plan on driving there.

Numerous trees are located around the off-leash area to provide ample shade on hot days and shelter on wet days. Additionally, the East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park included several benches where you may relax while supervising your dog.

east holliday dog park

Because there is only one space, there is no separate small dog area; thus, everyone must get along, so please keep a close eye on your pet. East Holladay Off-Leash Dog Park does not have restrooms or drinking water, so please bring your own water and bowl. Additionally, the park does not supply pick-up bags, so bring your own.

Location and Hours

Attractions in the area

  • Jersey Mikes Subs
  • Taco Bell
  • Panda Express
  • Black Rock Coffee
  • WinCo
  • Bi Mart

Park Features

  • Accessible Play Area
  • Playground
  • Dog Off-leash Area
  • Paths (Paved)

East Holliday Dog Park Rules

  • Dogs must exhibit proper social behavior
  • Dogs that show aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs must be leashed and taken out of the Off-Leash area right away.
  • Any damage or injury caused by a dog must be taken care of by the dog’s owner or handler.
  • Dogs must have tags that show that they have been licensed and vaccinated for rabies.
  • You can bring no more than three dogs to Off-Leash area at a time.
  • Owners and handlers must always remain in the Off-Leash area to oversee pets and to keep them visible and under vocal control at all times.
  • Remove pinch or choke collars when playing off-leash to avoid harm.
  • Do not bring a dog in heat to a Portland Park for health and safety reasons.
  • For health and safety reasons, don’t bring a puppy that hasn’t had all of its shots to a Portland Park.
  • Children must be constantly always monitored.
  • Play quietly with dogs in the early morning and evening hours to be considerate of park neighbors.
  • All other park rules must be followed.

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