Five Reasons You Should Send Your Puppy to Doggy Daycare

by Anne-Marie Smith
doggy daycare

Doggy daycare facilities are springing up everywhere; some indoors, some outdoors, some in the staffer’s home. Wondering what benefits your puppy will get from attending daycare? Here are five great reasons to send your puppy to doggy daycare.

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Benefits of Doggy Daycare


You know how important it is to socialize your new puppy, but at doggy daycare, they are adequately trained and supervised while playing with lots of other dogs. They also get to meet new people and experience new surroundings. They may even learn some new games or tricks. You still need to continue introducing them to a wide variety of things yourself, but in terms of other dogs, you can’t do better than doggy daycare. It’s vital to train your dog to behave around other dogs. No one wants their dog to fight with another dog, or misbehave at the veterinarian’s office.

Using their energy

Puppies are a bundle of fun, but they have lots of energy–much more than you can realistically cope with at home. Even if you play with them regularly and make sure they get adequate walks, puppies need a lot more. If you’re out at work all day, they’re going to be climbing the walls, leaving you with a wound up pooch who’s full of energy. Their evening walk isn’t going to do much to offset that, and they’re going to play up all night. At daycare, they can play as much as they want. Puppies come home worn out and sleep well all night.


Your dog can learn a lot from other dogs. They also learn from seeing other dogs praised for something, and establish that if they do that too, they will get praised. Driven by a need to please us, they want to get in our good graces. Watching other dogs shows your dog what to do to get your attention. They’ll also see what gets a dog punished.

Toilet training

If the daycare you send your puppy to is indoors, staff will carry on with their toilet training, giving your puppy a lot more practice than you could provide at the times you’re home. Even if the daycare is based outdoors, puppies will learn to eliminate on the grass, and you’ll find they begin preferring this at home. Puppies need as much toilet training as you can give them, and daycare is a great way of giving them this.


No one tells you how hard it is to deal with a puppy. It is a lot like having a baby! Noise, accidents, stress. Raising a puppy is demanding, and sooner or later, you’re going to need a break. When something is intense like this, having a break is the foolproof way of coping with it; otherwise, you’ll find yourself stressed and irritable, and everything feels so much worse. Daycare is a wonderful respite that makes your dog happy too. By the time you get your dog back, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on puppy care again.

Final thoughts

Doggy daycare is well worth the investment, both for you and your adorable puppy. Whether it’s socialization, extra toilet training, or wearing them out, daycare will change your puppy’s life.

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