by DogTown East Powell

Dog Wash Services

Bathing your dog is an important part of general pet care. For dogs with healthy skin and a healthy coat, the most frequent reason to wash a dog would be to eliminate an unpleasant odor or because they have accumulated a buildup of dirt on their fur.

The advantages of washing your dog may consist of cleaning the coat and skin that helps to remove loose hair, scale, and debris and enhance their coat’s glow.

DogTown East Powell gives you all you will need to wash your dog! Use our self-serve dog wash with no mess in your home, or we could wash your dog for you. Our dog wash can accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Reasons to Bathe Your Dog

Properly bathing your dog will help keep his skin and coat as healthy as possible. There is no absolute rule to how often you should be bathing your dog. It depends on a lot of variables.

  • Removes dirt and odor
  • Softer coat
  • Reduces shedding
  • Helps with allergies (yours and theirs)
  • Helps monitor your dogs health
  • Bathing can help heal inflamed or infected skin
  • Bathing your dog can help prevent/treat many health conditions