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Dog Daycare in Gresham Oregon

The notion of taking your dog to daycare may be a recent idea, but it's one that is catching on fast as a result of benefits associated with having a place for your dog(s) to interact when you're away. In the greater Gresham, OR area, DogTown East Powell serves local residents with a trusted dog daycare facility.

Our Services

Regardless of what sort of dog you have, you will find advantages for sending your canine to DogTown East Powell. First of all, your dog gets to interact and socialize with other dogs and humans, which enriches and hones their social abilities. Then there is the exercise element; your dog will do away with all their surplus energy during the day so they'll be in the mood to unwind when you're home after a long day of work.

Dog Services Available

DogTown East Powell is the best doggy daycare in Gresham, Oregon. Additionally, we provide dog washing and dog nail trimming services.

Why Choose Us

DogTown East Powell offers dog owners in the greater Gresham, Oregon metro area a place where they can leave their pets while at work, and away for weekend trips or on vacation.

Professional Process

DogTown East Powell is devoted to dog owners who want the absolute best for their canine companions. We offer an extremely safe, sanitary, and loving environment.

Resonable Fee

You can count on DogTown East Powell for quality dog services at competitive rates. If you require daycare, or boarding, schedule a consultation with us.