Top 10 Benefits of Dog Daycare

by Anne-Marie Smith
dog daycare

Dog daycare is no longer a trendy fad, it’s a requirement. We are working more hours, which means less time spent with our dogs. Although some dogs are content to sleep away the day, waiting for you to come home, there are many dogs that need a little something extra to do throughout the day. And that is where dog daycare comes into play.

Whether you are dropping off your dog at doggy daycare daily, or only once or twice per week (or month), there are loads of reasons why your canine friend will flourish in this environment.

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Here are our top 10 reasons why you need to give dog daycare a go


Dogs are descended from wolves which means they’re pack animals. Dogs have an innate desire to socialize. This is critical because it really affects their entire dynamic around other dogs and even family. Socializing teaches them how to act properly, such as not jumping on or nipping strangers, being tender around infants and children, and learning not to be aggressive towards other dogs. It gives them the confidence to enter brand-new situations and respond appropriately to various stimuli.


Getting the proper amount of exercise is hard for ourselves and for our dogs. Dogs rely on us to give them the exercise they need, and if they do not get it, that energy gets transferred towards bad habits. Lack of proper exercise may result in excessive barking, destructive behaviors, and health issues (the most common is weight gain). Dog daycare provides exercise and expenditure of energy to keep your dog calm and happy at home. After a day at our dog daycare, your dog will come home ready for a quiet evening.

Peace of mind (for you)

Many dog owners, including myself, worry about our puppies being home alone all day, whether they roam freely around the house or if they must be kenneled. It’s typical for many working families to be away from the house for at least 6 hours at a time, more commonly approximately 8 hours (a full workday). We feel guilty about leaving them home alone. Dog daycare can ease that guilt and set your mind at ease, knowing your dog is being well cared for by professionals while you’re at work, or even when you’re running errands.


For those who allow their dogs to roam freely around the house, there’s always that concern for your dog’s well-being and safety, if they’re getting into the garbage, chewing on electrical wires, or destroying personal belongings, and no matter how upset we get, we’re always relieved to see them okay. In a dog daycare, the team keeps a close eye on your dog to be certain that they’re safe from themselves and whatever else. Our dog daycare is set up this way to stop as many issues as possible.

Relieves Boredom and Anxiety

This point relates back to exercise and safety. A bored dog becomes destructive, their energy moving into chewing, ripping, and just generally destroying anything they can get their mouth on. An overly anxious dog can defecate/urinate inside the home, bark too much, and can also defer to harmful behaviors. At dog daycare, they’re supplied enough mental and physical stimulation to dramatically decrease, or even eliminate, negative behaviors associated with anxiety and boredom.

Relieves Loneliness

Loneliness tends to be a significant concern for many owners that leave their dogs at home during the day. Again, dogs are pack animals and therefore are inherently social animals. Loneliness can affect them in precisely the exact same way it affects people; it may result in depression. A miserable dog has a lack of energy, becomes withdrawn and inactive, and may even have a reduction in appetite and will sleep more than normal. Depression in dogs is extremely similar to humans. By attending a dog daycare, your dog can make friends that they can return to see and play with on a regular basis, permitting them to create social bonds.

Receive Attention and TLC

The attendants at dog daycares are there to love your dogs when you are away. They wouldn’t be at work if they did not. They do not mean to replace you, simply a stand-in for a couple of hours to keep your dog happy and busy. The attendants will play with your puppy, entertaining them and they’ll help them interact with the other dogs safely.

Provides Routine

Like people, dogs do better with a structure to their lives. Dogs are creatures of habit and using a regular routine enables them to meet that habitual need. A daily routine of walks, playtime, and interactions gives them something to look forward to and makes them feel secure. Dogs feel more secure when they have a sense of predictability for their day. A fast word of warning: not all dogs can manage to go to daycare daily. Dogs in this way would do well going to daycare just a few times per week but on a schedule.


When you first think of dog daycare, you might think that it is too costly. But that isn’t correct. Here at DogTown East Powell, we offer very affordable prices. You also don’t have to take your dog to daycare daily, which may make it more affordable.

Other Dog Services Available

Based on what dog daycare you visit, some provide other services beyond normal daycare for an additional price. This may include nail trimming and boarding. They might even have a store where they sell pet supplies and food. Some doggy daycares can function as a one-stop store!


For many, if not all, pet owners, our dogs are like our babies and have to be cared for as such. Dogs require plenty of attention and love, rather than all people can provide that all the time. And that is OK. That is why there are solutions out there like dog daycares. They supply you and your puppy with a great number of advantages, all of which I can affirm from my experience having a dog daycare.

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