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The Best Dog Daycare in Gresham

Doggy Daycare in Gresham, OregonDogtown East Powell: We're the dog daycare you want to talk to first in the greater Gresham metro area!

We Love Dogs!

We promise to love and care for your dog as though they were our own. We are the very best in Gresham dog daycare.

Bring Your Dog To Us

DogTown East Powell is a place where your dog can run and play in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our Services

DogTown East Powell is the best doggy daycare in Gresham, Oregon. We offer you peace of mind your beloved pet is enjoying an environment that's clean, safe, social, comfortable and enjoyable as opposed to spending lonely days at home. Additionally, we offer dog washing and dog nail trimming services.

Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare services makes your life easier! Gain peace of mind and lose guilt over leaving your dog crated at home all day. Bad behaviors are less likely with mental and physical stimulation.

Dog Nail-Trimming

Trimming your dog's nails is a significant grooming task that helps dogs remain happy and healthy. If you don't clip your dog's nails, they may wind up growing too long, which may cause problems.

Dog Wash

DogTown East Powell has everything to wash your dog! Bathing your dog has several benefits for their health, happiness, and even your own health. We can accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Why Choose Us

DogTown East Powell offers dog owners in the greater Gresham, Oregon metro area a place where they can leave their pets for the day. We are the leaders in Canine care in Gresham as we provide a positive and caring environment for dogs.

Quality Dog Services

We offer doggy daycare services! We also offer a dog wash service, plus dog nail trimming. Contact us to make an appointment.

Affordable Prices

You can count on DogTown East Powell for quality dog services at competitive rates.

Professional Process

DogTown East Powell is devoted to dog owners who want the absolute best for their canine companions. We offer an extremely safe, sanitary, and loving environment.

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